You Can Paint Countertops!

We would love to replace our kitchen counters, but it is so expensive.  I hadn’t realized this, but you can paint countertops.


There are solid color paints and there are paints that make your countertop look like granite.

We decided to try to paint our bathroom countertop first to try it out (also the bathroom counter was an ugly pink color).

We bought the Giani Chocolate Brown kit.

I was so pleased with the result that I wanted to share it (since I didn’t even know you could paint countertops).  I am not going to explain the process because there are great videos on Giani’s website for that.  I will say that I am not an experienced painter, but found this very manageable.  The kit comes with everything you need.  I was impressed at how complete and organized the kit was. I feel like I can do even better on the next one.

If you have experience sponge painting, I am sure you can do even better than I did.  But I am pleased with my project.


We bought one $80 kit for the bathroom.  Our kitchen has lots of counters, so we will probably need 2 kits  for it.  We are going to get the Sicilian Sand kit for the kitchen. I am thrilled that we can refresh our kitchen for just $160 (for 2 kits).

If you are looking for a stone look, Giani sells 5 kits: Chocolate Brown, White Diamond, Slate, Sicilian Sand, Bombay Black.

If you want a single color, Rustoleum sells kits. Actually as I typed this, I found that Rustoleum also has kits to make it look like stone.

We are happy with our “new” countertop and hope you will have the same results.