Draw Write Now Series

I have children who love to draw and a few who don´t.  Draw Write Now was the first drawing series we purchased, and it has really helped my children´s drawing skills (as well as their writing skills).  (If you head down to the bottom of this article, you will see a few sample from my kids.)


What do I love about the Draw Write Now series?

  • My children can follow the instructions on their own.
  • We are practicing copywork as well as drawing.  (The copywork is manuscript.)
  • There is an amazing variety of drawings in this series:  animals, geography, vehicles, people, and so on.
  • These books have actually encouraged my kids to write their own sentences about different animals than the ones found in the series.
  • My kids are better at drawing because of these books.
  • The drawing and copywork get increasingly difficult as the books progress.
  • The series is also great to have as a tutor at Classical Conversations since we focus on drawing for the first 6 weeks of Fine Arts.
  • We even pull out the stack of drawing books when we have a number of children visiting for a few hours (for small group or just friends over to play).

Now, let me tell you more about the specific books.

Book 1:  It´s definitely the easiest with mostly animals and storybook characters.  The sentences are very simple to copy.

Book 2:  This book includes Christopher Columbus (Cycle 3 history), types of trees and parts of trees (Cycle 1 and 2 science), more animals, and even a simple globe.
Book 3:  This book´s focus includes Native Americans (which could fit in Cycle 1, 2, and 3´s history), Pilgrims (Cycle 3 history), and different biomes in North America (Cycle 2 science, Cycle 3 geography).

Book 4:  Book 4 is full of animals from the Polar regions.  Some of my kids’ favorite animals to draw are in this book.
Book 5:  This one´s packed with U.S. history (the flag, Washington, Statue of Liberty, Alamo, Neil Armstrong, and many more Cycle 3 connections) as well as a lesson on drawing the United States (and showing when regions were added to our country).
Book 6:  Book 6 covers animals and habitats.  This ties in nicely with the biomes at the beginning of Cycle 2´s science.  I like the variety of animals drawn since it gives my kids many more drawing techniques.
Book 7:  This book (and book 8) specifically work through animals of the world.  This one includes creatures from tropical, Northern, and down under forests.

Book 8:  As the last in the Draw Write Now series, this book includes animals from the savannas, grasslands, mountains, and deserts.  (Cycle 2 Science week 1 keeps running through my head as I type this.)  I really like the tips this book includes for drawing the continents as well.


Here are a few samples of my children´s work.  Obviously we all aren´t at the same level of drawing.



(Note:  My children sometimes write Bible verses with the illustrations instead of the book´s copywork.  These books themselves do not have Bible verses in them.)

We bought this series as a Christmas present a few years ago (if bought as a series, it does cost a little less per book).  It has honestly been one of the most used Christmas gifts in our home.  We love the Draw Write Now series.

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Drawing On A Saturday Afternoon

It was one of those days where the kids needed some down time (and I needed some peace and quiet).  And it was one of those rare moments that I had a great idea that worked out just as I planned.

This could be a great idea for a family with multiple kids, or you could even get the parents involved (especially if you have one child).

I called the kids together and had them draw names and then they had to draw a picture for that person.

The rules were:

  • You have to spend some time on it; no 2 minute pictures.
  • You can ask your person questions, but they can’t know exactly what you are drawing.  I gave them some example questions that they might ask:
    • What are you 2 favorite colors?
    • Do you like African animals or farm animals?
  • I can print out a picture for you to look at if it will help you draw.
  • No peaking at other people’s drawings

When they where all done, they all gave the pictures to their person.

The kids all felt very special receiving their picture.  Many of them felt really good watching the reactions of the one that they gave the picture to.

The benefits of this activity:

  • drawing practice
  • kids experienced the good feeling of making someone else happy
  • some of the kids found out that they were better at drawing than they thought
  • it was a good, quiet activity

Here are our results:

Drawing on a Saturday


One of them was accidentally thrown out before I got to take a picture.

(So this post took me a long time to write because I kept getting interrupted by kids asking me to print them a picture to copy because they wanted to draw another picture for someone.)


Have fun drawing and feel free to share your pictures here or on our facebook page.