Homeschooling While Moving

homeschooling while moving

Moving is a huge task.  So is homeschooling.  How do we accomplish both?

Be real about my expectations.  I can’t be everywhere at once.  Am I planning a reasonable amount of school work for the kids?  Are the tasks doable without me if I am packing boxes?  Am I planning a reasonable packing or unpacking goal?  Am I willing to stop what I am working on to teach my children?

Be portable with the school work.  This year, my kids each have a crate with all their school work in it.  This means that we can take it with us to the library, a different room of the house, or even to the new house.  We’re not spending time looking for school books, and we’re able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.  I make sure the kids have their weekly checklists ready to go, but I also make sure I stop what I am working on if they have questions.

Include the kids when possible in the moving process.  I hope this is our last move while our children live at home.  It’s just as important for them to learn how to sort, clean out, pack boxes, set up a new room, organize, and anything else that has to do with the house buying process as it is for them to practice math or reading.  Our children are amazing helpers, and I am excited to do this move with them.

Use as many audio books and educations movies as possible.  My children have been learning so much through our Cycle 1 Audio choices and a few educational selections from Amazon Prime.  These have been great options when I have needed to make important phone calls, pack fragile items, or take care of the seemingly-endless paperwork involved with being a house.

Start early.  We started our homeschooling very early in the summer (especially math).  We started packing early for the move.  We also start our work early in the day each day.

This time of moving is just a season in our homeschooling but a valuable one for all of us.  It’s been amazing to me to see how much our family has been able to accomplish – in our school work, in our packing, and just in life in general.  I hope the lessons learned during this time continue with us in the future.