17th Anniversary is the dinosaur one, right?

Seth and I were greeted this morning to a display of plastic dinosaurs “making” an anniversary poster for us and drawings of pictures from our wedding as well as dinosaurs reenacting us canoeing on our honeymoon.  While today isn’t our actual anniversary, the kids knew we were going out on a date tonight to celebrate so they decided to make today their celebration day too.

17th anniversary


Elijah and Ruth were awake before us and cooked us breakfast as well as setting up the dinosaur display.  (We sometimes have the dinosaurs visit – helping the tooth fairy, eating leftover food, getting ready for the Super Bowl to name a few.  This idea isn’t original to us.  We first saw the idea of using dinosaurs from Dinovember.  Our dinosaurs just come year round – not just during November.)

Dinosaur breakfast

A number of our anniversaries have been celebrated with my children doing something special for Seth and me.  Some years stand out to me less than others, but here are a few I remembered.

Our 13th anniversary was the Lego anniversary.  My children had a special brownie decorated for us and made a lego reenactment of our wedding ceremony.  (This was before our house was gluten-free when we could do easy things like buy brownies pre-made at the local grocery store).

lego wedding

On our 16th anniversary, we had early morning chefs who cooked heart-shaped bacon for breakfast before Seth left for work.  These chefs also made heart-shaped gluten-free pizza for dinner.

heart shaped anniversary

I have been blessed with (almost) 17 years of marriage to my best friend as well as precious children who are growing up so quickly.  God has brought our family this far, and I look forward to seeing what He has in store for us in the years to come.